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CLUES FOR QUEST – books set in Boston, about Boston….

The answers to all of these questions can be found by using the Internet, our Library’s catalog, or the school library’s catalog.  Some will be easy, and some will take a little more digging, but they can all be found if you use your research skills.
Please provide the title or the author to each of these books.
The person who answers the most questions correctly WINS THE PRIZE!

1.      What mystery novel by Linda Barnes is named after the largest urban construction project in modern times?

2.      This children’s book, set during the American Revolution, tells the story of a greedy merchant withholding a popular morning drink (NOT tea)?  Make sure you don’t confuse it with another famous Boston rebellion!

3.      The main character of this famous novel is a professor of Religious Symbology at Harvard University.

4.      What fictional story is about a club of authors, including Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., who are translating an epic poem  - The Divine Comedy -  written between 1308 and 1321?

5.      Which novel was the 1944 winner of the Newbery Medal?  It was set during the American Revolution.

6.      Which novel, about a famous and much loved by many and reviled by some, Boston politician was made into a film in 1958 starring Spencer Tracy?

7.      Which children’s book is the official novel of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?  There are  bronze statues in the Boston Public Garden, installed in 1987, which depicts the characters.

8.      Which book depicts a flood in 1919  where a tank containing up to 2,300,000 gallons of this material exploded and flooded several blocks to a depth of 2-3 feet? (There are at least 2 possible titles).

9.      What is the name of the African-American man who was killed during the Boston Massacre, and who is buried in the Granary Burying Ground?

10.     What is the name of the  children’s book, told from the perspective of Sheherazade, Paul Revere’s horse,  which tells the story of the famous midnight ride?

11.     Which Young Adult novel tells the story of 15 year old Ruby Milliken and describes her flight from Boston to California and her gradual adjustment to life with her estranged movie star father following her mother’s death?

12.     What is the title and author of the book which tells the story of an Irish family from the projects of Southie (South Boston)? It’s non-fiction.

13.     What are the names of the  Hancock, NH husband and wife authors who set many of their mysteries in Boston?

14.     What is the title of the book, in free verse, which tells the story of Henry Price and his sled runs?  The British soldiers had pitched their tents right in the middle of Henry’s sled runs, but British General Thomas Gage instructed his soldiers to allow the children to sled wherever they wished.

15.     This YA novel is told from the perspective of an indentured servant
           working as a nursemaid in John and Abigail Adams’ home.  It is set at
           the time of the Boston Massacre.
16.     Which poem commemorates the actions of a famous Boston patriot,
     who in the days before April 18, 1775, instructed a friend (Robert   
     Newman) to hang lanterns in the belfry of the Old North Church and
     to light one or two – “one if by land, two if by sea” to warn of the  
     upcoming British attack.

17.     In this children’s novel, Louis, a bird born without a voice, works for
The Swan Boats, playing his special musical instrument in the Boston Public Gardens.

18.     In this “astonishing” YA novel set in Boston during the Revolution,
A young slave is used in an experiment to test the supposed
inferiority of Africans, but he eventually escapes and joins the Colonial army.

19.     Three of this popular author’s novels, which are often set in Boston,   
           have been adapted to the big screen, including a recent film starring
           Leonardo DiCaprio.

As a tribute to the 150th anniversary of this disaster, a period of starvation and disease, which killed 1 million of the people of this country, and which caused 2 million more to emigrate to America (100,000 of whom settled in or near Boston) a park was dedicated in 1998.

What is the name of the country? _________________________
What was the name of the disaster?________________________
What is the name of the park? ____________________________

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